Get a conversion rate boost with good video production

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What if we tell you that a video, featuring products, is worth a thousand sales. Especially, if you consider that video appears in about 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and viewers are far more likely to purchase after watching a product video. Grants Pass video production is a marketing force you cannot ignore. Here is why:

Online video finally came of age in that viewers no longer have to deal with slow connections, bland commercials begging for your business, and incompatible technologies.

Nowadays, smart companies and video production Grants Pass agencies are turning our online broadcast medium into what they call a communications cornucopia, which is a two way street of giving and takes.

How Well Online Video Convert

The incredible thing about online video is that people mostly prefer watching than reading. Think about the last time you watched something versus spending time reading a newspaper to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

It spans just about every industry and demographics. If you take it that housewares industries reported that visitor was up to 140% more likely to buy products after viewing product videos compared to companies who did not use video.

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Similarly, car part retailers found that when they included instructional or how-to-videos both on their website and Facebook, it led to some surprising results. Those who watched stayed twice as long on the site and visited twice as many pages versus those who did not do so. Sharing the tutorial on Facebook increased the retailers reach.

Unique Uses of Video Marketing Methods

If you wish to boost your conversions, it is about more than just putting up a product video on YouTube or your site. You need to think of a creative strategy to help improve your viewers browsing or shopping experience. For instance, one or the other video production company designed a technology where one can embed “hotspots” into a video to make some parts clickable.

Even if you are not successful in selling products via a shopping cart, one can still take advantage of the personalization offered through video. One particular company was looking for a way to improve their customer’s experience by going as far as to employ a live chat representative whom they could talk to face to face or by text. The video chat functionality also works on numerous mobile devices such as an iPhone, Android, and iPad while it uses the shopper’s location to recommend new products.

At times, video marketing using products can inspire, but also backfire on the company who make use of this marketing technique. If you consider what happened to Dove once they revealed their “Campaign for Real Beauty,” where real women ended up going through a complete transformational process on a digital and cosmetic level. When the campaign first launched a couple of years ago, there was a lot of positive press around younger women and how the product boosted their image and self-esteem. Not long after, the message backfired on the company once viewers got to know that these beauties underwent extensive cosmetic and digital retouching.

The best method for ensuring a video production has a chance of success is to involve the customers. Billabong is a fantastic example of how this strategy turns out for the best. Surfers would select a starting video, enter their statement, then have the ability to share it with their friends, which featured Billabong gear. One can imagine how well their friend received the information shared.

How We Envision the Future of Video Production

In future times, you can expect more video to shift their focus toward personalization of the online videos where the clients had a say in how its positioned. These types of video would allow for more precise segmentation of an advert to run in a targeted demographic. However, not just local areas like Grants Pass would benefit from this customized targeting procedure.

Videos may be developed to such an extent that it focuses on real-time deals, including the time of the day and the weather.

Up till now, the results appear to be very promising. For most companies, its seen as a win-win as the video is made more relevant for the benefit of the people who reside in that area.

Are you wondering how to incorporate these same video production strategies into your marketing campaigns? What you need to do is hire a professional, local video production company in Grants Pass like Novum Visual to make the most of your products and services.