Dental Implants Medford OR – Are They a Good Choice?

Dentures prove to be the proper solution to lost teeth and have been for many generations. Many of us know this and may even have them ourselves. They perform the job of natural teeth and allow the wearer actually to smile, talk and eat properly.

The dental industry continues to progress as people keep on coming up with innovative and improved ideas on how we should deal with lost teeth. Years ago dentures were the only option. Nowadays dentists will fix lost tooth problems. Find out the dental implants cost per tooth. They differ from dentures in that it is anchored right into your jaw bone. It begins with a fixture that is inserted into the jaw where it is allowed to be fused with the bone over a couple of months.

You may look at it as a replacement root where the new tooth is allowed a level of security and stability you don’t get with traditional dentures. Most of these replacement roots or anchors are made of titanium that fuses very well with the jawbone, accounting for a success rate of around 98% for dental implants.

The fusion of the implant and the bone is referred to as osseointegration. Once this process gets completed the remainder of the implant can be placed. It will turn out to be the actual tooth that’s attached to the anchor and referred to as a crown.

Dental implants in Medford Or will restore function to your mouth. Missing teeth may cause you to chew differently and lead to uneven wear of the remaining teeth and sometimes even problems with one’s jaw. Once placed, you would have a new tooth and can go on with your life. These will not negatively impact your mouth as it simply blends in with what you have and work seamlessly with the other teeth.

The only downside to using dental implants is the cost involved. However, as they become more widespread and people gain a better understanding how much better dental implants are than traditional dentures, the cost would come down.

Do You Need Dental Implants?

Many people find that a missing tooth is a great source of embarrassment and may even limit how many times you smile, have an impact on the foods you eat, etc.

Fortunately, a dentist in Medford offers a workable solution in the form of dental implants, which are in effect long-term replacements for missing teeth. What is more, they don’t slip or make any noise as dentures would.

Interestingly, dental implants have been in existence for five decades if not longer and have proven itself as a worthy alternative to dentures or bridges. They last a lifetime and is known to have a very high success rate as mentioned already.

Furthermore, these are not just super comfortable and convenient, but also durable with minimal discomfort experienced from the whole procedure.

They come in three parts; titanium rod that is anchored into the bone, the abutment, serving as the connector, and lastly the crown that sits on top to make your replacement tooth feel like a real one. This process is a joint effort between a periodontist and a dentist, who will create molds of your mouth to ensure the perfect crowd is made.

Once in position, no one has to know that you have an artificial tooth as they look and feel like you had them forever more. Unlike dentures, you will not ever feel the need to remove them to be cleaned or that they will slip out resulting in your speech being compromised. What is more, you can eat what you want and really feel good about how you look to others. Thanks to the genius innovations known as a dental implant.

Medford Dental Center wants their patients to enjoy going to the dentist again. They specialize in a host of dental services like cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, a dental implant, teeth whitening, oral surgery, dentures, wisdom teeth removal, and more. To make a long story short, they strive to perfect their service delivery and take the best care of all their patients, whom they view as family.

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