Can SEO Portland Specialists Get SEO Right?


Almost everyone nowadays is looking to get their websites or blogs recognized by some of the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc. There is one word that comes to mind when you hear people talk about things like Page Rank, Backlinks, Website mass, and keyword optimization. You’ve got it right, that word is SEO or Search Engine Optimization


How Important is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization has a certain science to it that is not easily understood. Although, many people claim that they have things under control. Especially, if you consider that they take the lead regarding PageRank, the number of visitors they get to their site, and how the top dog, Google, feels about them.

The way search engines get to crawl a particular site has a lot to do with how they put their complete package together. Most importantly, according to recent algorithm updates by Google, how relevant the content of their web pages are to how visitors would perceive it to be. Make no mistake about the importance of SEO Portland Experts, and the role they play regarding where your website would rank in the world of websites on the internet. Here’s where you can find Moving Mountains:

Shedding Light on The Importance of Good Content and Inbound Links

Both good content and Inbound links have their important place on business owners and private individual websites. It is best to clarify how both Inbound links and good content make their contribution to good page ranking.

Inbound Links

Experts in SEO will tell you that Inbound links are your one-way ticket to getting good search engine rankings, as they yield plenty of traffic all on its own. Some people tend to think that linking, whether Inbound links or backlinks are even more important than content.

Good Content

Do not forget that good content does play a big role in getting links in the first place, for the following reasons:

Impeccable content makes that potential linking partners feel far more at ease in connection with your site, as no one wants to link to a junk site, an unprofessional looking website, or link farm.

It is true, however, that various unique content that is also valuable makes that bloggers and webmasters link to your site spontaneously.

Then again, by allowing site owners to post your good content on their sites, if done right, it should link back to your site, which in turn will attract new traffic to what you have to offer.

Recent Updates On Keyword Stuffing Affects SEO

It sure is old news by now, but way back in history, many a blogger or webmaster were stuffing their content with keywords to get their website or blog to rank higher.

Nowadays it is a whole different ball game to get your magic SEO techniques just right to have your site recognized by the major search engines, which in turn will lead to lots of quality traffic to your blog or web page. There might just be a need to look at Portland SEO specialists and see what packages they have on offer to help you rank high in the search engines.

Off late you may have heard of the all new RankBrain where Google uses machine learning technology to assist them in delivering search results. Are you wondering how it works?

Google Optimization specialists Moving Mountains Advisors shed some light on how machine learning works. Apparently it involves a process where the computer teaches itself how to do something rather than following detailed programming. Pretty sweet isn’t it?

So, would you say that RankBrain forms part of the new way Google would rank search results? No, what it does is to sort through billions upon billions of pages it is aware of to find the ones deemed most relevant to particular queries.

Google’s search algorithm they use is Hummingbird. Therefore, RankBrain is part of this algorithm. You can compare Hummingbird to a car with various parts in it of which RankBrain is one of the latest components.

Interestingly, Google has over 200 major ranking signals, and RankBrain is number three on the list. Unfortunately, Google will not reveal what its number one and two ranking signals are.

With so many ranking signals, it is critical to let expert online marketing professionals like Moving Mountains Advisors take hold of the reigns to steer your business in the right direction.